Looking for help with Skullgirls Mobile? You’ve come to the right place!

First, take a look at the most common support inquiries:

I’ve lost my data and I can’t login to my account!
Please try these account recovery steps before sending us a ticket.

I’ve made a purchase and I didn’t receive my items!
Please try these purchase refresh steps before sending us a ticket.

I want to share a bug I found!
The best place to report bugs is via the bug report section on our forums.

I have feedback about the game!
The best place to share feedback is via the feedback section on our forums, so that the entire team can read it easily.

I want to delete my account!
Please follow these account deletion steps before sending us a ticket.

If you have a different issue, or the above steps didn’t help you resolve your problem, please feel free to create a new ticket with us below! We will respond to your email as soon as possible, but note that it may take a few days for your ticket to be processed.

To help speed up the support process, please attach an image of your Skullgirls account information in the form of a screenshot from the Options menu, like the ones below.

If you need to update your ticket, please respond to the original email instead of creating a new one. Sending new emails will reset your position in the queue!